I'm running CamStudio v2.6 r294 on Windows 7 Ultimate, and when I go to Options->Record Audio from Speakers I receive the error WaveoutGetSelectionControl() failed

I also get this error when I go to Options->Audio Options->Audio Options for Speakers and click Auto Search, and this same thing occurs for every Sound Card Device that I try to use.

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These instructions may work for other releases of CamStudio and Windows.

CamStudio 2.7.2 and Windows 7:

Start-->Settings-->Control Panel-->Sound-->Recording

Right-click on list of sound sources and select "Show Disabled Devices"

Right-click on "Stereo Mix" and select "Set as Default Device"

On CamStudio, Options: if unchecked, check "Record Audio from Microphone"


Found this on youtube.

2.Open sounds click recoding tab-right click-Show Disable Devices

3.Enable Stereo Mix and right click select properties. Select Speakers under Listen Tab Click ok -ok

4.Open Cam studio under Options -Audio options - Audio Options For Microphone. Select Stereo Mix in Audio Capture Device and the recording format set that to 44.1 khz Stereo 16-bit

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