I have cancelled cable and want to watch the NCAA tournament games on my TV tonight through my 2011 Macbook Pro where I can stream the game in a browser.

I have a cheap Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI converter that I have connected to my TV in the past and had no issues with audio or video, the problem is the audio has stopped working since the last time I used it a few months ago and now just keeps playing through the laptop speakers, but the video works fine.

Everything with my setup is the same and when I try to force the audio output to the TV in the Audio system settings, my TV is not listed as an output option at all.

I have tried various combinations of power cycling, replugging-in both devices and making sure the TV options are set properly to receive audio through HDMI but no luck.

Anyone know what the issue could be?


Turns out the cheap adapter was cheap and apparently the audio connection on these regularly gives out in just a few months.

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