I am trying to record sound playing on my comupter with Audacity but am running into some troubles.

I have the stereo mix set to be the default audio recorder but it doesn't pick up the audio that is being played through my HDMI monitors speakers:

Playback Playback

Recording Recording

When I plug in headphones the stereo mix will pick up the audio stream and I can record but not when playing through the HDMI. I have installed the latest audio drivers and have tried all the different record options to no avail.

How can I capture the Audio stream going through the HDMI?


Stereo Mix is a feature of your sound card providing a recording device that mirrors the card's output. If you're using a different playback device than the Realtek, as is the case when using HDMI, there will be no signal on its output and as a result, no signal on the Stereo Mix recording device either.

Your playback device in this scenario is your GPU, which is unlikely to have a similar feature. You'll need to intercept the audio using dedicated software such as a virtual sound card.

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