I'm looking for a way to keep my calendars and Address Book in sync. Can anyone recommend a way? I want to keep all the data as it is, though I don't want to use MobileMe.


http://fruux.com/ is the free MobileMe alternative for exactly that kind of setup.

And of course you could sync to the same Google address book and calendar, though when I tried that, there was always some information not sync'ed really well. But that was maybe just me. If you are interested, there are lots of how-to's out there, one being here: klick

Hope I could help.

  • FWIW, Google sync for contacts only is available and occurs when you plug in an iPod or iPhone if using Mac OS X 10.5. In 10.6 it will now sync hourly if you have it set up because you have an iPod touch/iPhone. – Chealion Sep 13 '09 at 22:07
  • Currently not very happy with fruux for multiple reasons. – Dushkin Sep 15 '09 at 15:30

iSynCal and Address-O-Sync do the job. Both are free.


I've been using BusySync from http://www.busymac.com, it costs about US$39 per Mac. Syncs Macs on a LAN and w/ Google Calendar

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