Rsync is very useful, I don't have to copy all files in a directory. It updates only the newer files.

I use it with cygwin but I think there are some inconsistencies, which are not the main focus of this question.

so is there an equivalent?


Although not an exact equivalent, and not a Powershell feature, robocopy can do some of the things rsync is used for.

See also https://serverfault.com/q/129098


This works to synchronize directories between. Call the function "rsync ". i had permissions problems with robocopy. This doesn't have those issues.

function rsync ( $source, $target) {

$sourceFiles=Get-ChildItem -Path $source -Recurse
$targetFiles=Get-ChildItem -Path $target -Recurse

if ( $debug -eq $true ) { echo "Source=$source, Target=$target" echo "sourcefiles = $sourceFiles TargetFiles = $targetFiles" } <# 1=way sync, 2=2 way sync.



if ( $sourceFiles -eq $null -or $targetFiles -eq $null) { Write-Host "Empty Directory encountered. Skipping file Copy." } else { $diff=Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $sourceFiles -DifferenceObject $targetFiles

foreach($f in $diff) { if($f.SideIndicator -eq "<=") { $fullSourceObject=$f.InputObject.FullName $fullTargetObject=$f.InputObject.FullName.Replace($source, $target)

    Write-Host "Attempt to copy the following: " $fullSourceObject
    Copy-Item -Path $fullSourceObject -Destination $fullTargetObject

if($f.SideIndicator -eq "=>" -and $syncMode -eq 2) {

    Write-Host "Attempt to copy the following: " $fullSourceObject
    Copy-Item -Path $fullSourceObject -Destination $fullTargetObject

} } }

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