I am a web developer and I run a personal DNS server (linux, bind) within Virtualbox on IP to test web sites.

I have configured a test domain www.olympias.dom within bind and I have configured a virtual host in Apache for the same.

When I test the DNS configuration for www.olympias.dom using nslookup on the host machine (Windows 7), I get the expected result:

C:\Users\user>nslookup www.olympias.dom Server: UnKnown Address:

Name: olympias.dom Address: Aliases: www.olympias.dom

However, I cannot reach the address in my browser (Chrome) and when I ping it I receive the following error:

C:\Users\user>ping www.olympias.dom Ping request could not find host www.olympias.dom. Please check the name and try again.

Everything works as expected if I configure the domain using the Windows hosts file but I want it to work via the DNS server. This setup (Vbox=DNS/Apache) worked properly when I used Windows XP but it is not working in Windows 7 Home Premium.

What is wrong? Any help?

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