OS: Windows 7 64bit

I want to share my laptop's internet connection between my PC and my Android device. But I can only do one of them at a time.

  1. The laptop is connected to internet wirelessly.
  2. The PC is connected to the laptop using a Ethernet cable and internet is shared between them.
  3. I want to connect my mobile device to my laptop by making the laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

PC (Ethernet) ==> Laptop (connected to net by Wi-Fi) <== Mobile device (Wi-Fi hotspot)

I have 3 connections in my laptop:

  • Wireless Network Connection (internet - shared)
  • Local area connection (PC)
  • Wireless Network Connection 2 (Wi-Fi hotspot)

Every time I have to disable either the LAN to get the Wi-Fi hotspot working, or disable the Wi-Fi hotspot to get LAN working.

How can I share so I can use both at the same time?


Perhaps there's a reason not defined in your question, but why would you not simply connect the Android device directly to the same primary WiFi connection that the laptop is using?

(Would have submitted as comment, but don't have enough rep for that yet.)

  • Because the signal strength of the router is weak in my room. only the laptop can connect to it. The android device gets a very poor signal and it only connects for a few second. then disconnects again. That's why I need to connect android to net using laptop. – xperator Apr 4 '12 at 10:15

Use connectify.me software or adhoc internet connection.

Although you might need a Pro version of the software to share wi-fi internet.


Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center

then select "set up a connection or network" -setup a new network

i think you can take it from there....

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