How can I install Internet Explorer in Linux?


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You can try ies4linux.

Beware though that they may not work as expected. In my personal experience, I had some problems using it. The best way to test how websites behave in these browsers is using a virtual machine with windows and IE's installed.


Your best bet is going to be to use a VM with Windows installed. None of the alternatives ever worked well at all.

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    +1. Multi-IE hacks under any platform are never quite the same as the real thing. It's usually okay for a quick layout check, but for anything complex involving scripting VMs are the only reliable solution.
    – bobince
    Commented Sep 14, 2009 at 12:49

How To Install Microsoft Internet Explorer on Linux in Two Easy Steps


You could also look at installing wine, the Windows emulator, and then installing IE under that.

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