I have a D-Link DI-524 as a main router ( connected to the Internet and a second router (, a TP-Link TL-WR841N, with WDS enabled and correctly configured to "join" with the D-Link.

After I connect a laptop via wireless ( to the TP-Link, both work well but with the laptop I can't go to the Internet.

It seems as if WDS is not working.

With the laptop I can only ping the TP-Link (the D-Link or other LAN computers are not responding).

What's the problem? Does the D-Link also need to have WDS enabled?

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In order for WDS to work you need to enable it on both APs (and must be supported by both APs)


can you check the tp-link status windows, there is WAN section what it says?

if possible please fallow this steps it may work; network->Wan-> Connection type Static and ip adress pick ( differen than your local lan) and subnet default gateway (thath is your d-link with internet) and save config. and go to DHCP menu in tplink and disable dhcp server and there is a default gateway config aswell please put the same there and save & reboot try again if your laptop connects properly


Set manual IP configuration(main router default gateway and also DNS ) for your laptop Wifi connection and probably it will work.

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