I keep pictures of pools in Picasa. Each picture has the basic info in its file name. How can I search for pictures having ANY of several keywords?

E.g. I'd like to find pools that are round OR square.

From what I can tell, Picasa does a logical AND between each search term.


General Picasa Search
Unless i read it wrong, if there is a word in the title you should be able to find it with a Picasa search
Veiw -> click on 'Search options' this will give you a one word + search ability.

image of picasa general search

  • File -> 'locate on disk' and use the windows explorer search feature, this should result in a one word + search.
  • For better searches if you have time, the tags panel feature of Picasa [bottom right] can be used to store custom tags which can be quickly added to your photo's as you use them.

Image of picasa tags panel

  • You can use the type of file, if they came from the same source eg. png
  • Tools -> Options -> Name Tags -> add check 'store name tags in picture'
  • There is 3rd party search software [opensource or google 'free search' etc] but i am not sure they would be much help.
    Hope this helps in some way.

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