I'm looking to take an existing RSS feed and duplicate it, (create a new feed that broadcasts content from the original feed). Both feeds, the original and the duplicate, will be on an intranet and blocked from the outside world, so I can't leverage any online services that may exist. Does anyone know of any existing applications that could be leveraged? Thanks!

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There are many ways you could script this in just a few lines, but you should be able to do this using a command line utility like wget (builtin on linux, tiny downloadable executable for windows).

You could create a batch file (or just run the command below outright) that gets the original rss feed and outputs it to a file, then use task scheduler (on windows, not sure what on linux/unix/mac) to make it repeat say...every 15 minutes. Then on that machine, either with a web server you could make that file available as an rss file, or you might be able to just share it as a network share and access it from other computers (I doubt it though - can somebody clarify this?)

The syntax would be

wget url > file.rss

where "url" is the location of the original feed on your intranet and "file.rss" is the location where you want the new feed to live.

  • Crafty solution!
    – cookbr
    Apr 18, 2012 at 13:05
  • Glad to help and I hope it worked! I was thinking of scripts to write, then thought "what would people on superuser do" and remembered wget. Good luck.
    – Nick
    Apr 20, 2012 at 19:41

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