Just got a "Trust" webcam, which gets recognized on my Ubuntu Lucid. It has a built in microphone - which also gets recognized - however, I cannot really get it to act as the system microphone input?

Here are some screenshots of what is shown by gnome-volume-control:

The default window shows Trust webcam - which has two profiles: "Analog Mono Input" and "Off" - of course, I have it on "Analog Mono Input":


However, on the "Input" tab - there is no matching "device for sound input" - neither a matching connector:


Then I installed pavucontrol - but that doesn't show that much more; it tells first that gnome-volume-control reads from "Internal Audio Analog Stereo":


Then in "Input devices" tab, there is again nothing resembling the mic input from webcam:


Finally, under "Configuration" tab, the "Trust" webcam shows, but even if its profile is on "Analog Mono Input", nothing much happens:



So, does anyone know how I could get this webcam microphone to be recognized as the system input?

Many thanks in advance for any answers,


Hmmm.. another day, another reboot ... and now, for some reason, all the needed devices show ?!

Note that I'm booting Ubuntu Lucid from a USB key (with persistent mode)... And the only difference I can see in respect to the OP, is that in the OP, the system was booted first - and then the camera attached; while now, the camera was already attached while the system was booting... Cannot really tell if that makes a difference.

However here are some screenshots; first of gnome-volume-control:


... and also of pavucontrol:


Well, nice this got sorted on its own (sort of) :) Other than that, hope this can assist someone else in similar situation..


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