Using something similar to the date command, is it possible to set the date and time relative to 'now'?

So instead of something like date +%T -s "10:13:13" something like date -s +1h or something similar

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To set the date, you must log in as root (or su/sudo...)

echo "Time 1 hour ago ... $(date -d "$(date +%F\ %T) 1 hour ago")"
echo "Time now .......... $(date  +%F\ %T)"
echo "Time in 1 hour .... $(date -d "$(date +%F\ %T) 1 hour")"

sudo date +%F\ %T -s "$(date -d "$(date +%F\ %T) 1 hour")"
echo "Adjusted time ..... $(date  +%F\ %T)"

sudo date +%F\ %T -s "$(date -d "$(date +%F\ %T) 1 hour ago")"
echo "Re-adjusted time .. $(date  +%F\ %T)"


Time 1 hour ago ... 2012-04-16 21:31:53
Time now .......... 2012-04-16 22:31:53
Time in 1 hour .... 2012-04-16 23:31:53
[sudo] password for .... 
Adjusted time ..... 2012-04-16 23:31:53
[sudo] password for  .... 
Re-adjusted time .. 2012-04-16 22:31:53

Recent date can now set the date relatively with natural language!

Here is an example using GNU coreutils 8.23

# date
Fri Oct  5 16:24:25 UTC 2018
# date --set "10 minutes ago"
Fri Oct  5 16:14:25 UTC 2018
# date --set "10 minutes"
Fri Oct  5 16:24:25 UTC 2018

You can change your time zone by doing # dpkg-reconfigure tzdata. I'm not sure how you would change the time by an arbitrary value, though.

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