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Recovering files from laptop with XP that won't boot
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My Samsung laptop running Windows Vista has died. How do I recover the data that was on it? It will not turn on – is there any way I can get the data off the hard drive?

Maybe by using some sort of adapter?

I'm now running Mac with OS X Lion if that makes it any difference for recovering, although I also have a Windows laptop I can get my hands on too.

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Maybe by using some sort of adapter?

Yes, you can remove the hard drive from one computer and either:

  • temporarily install it as an extra drive internally in another computer.
  • buy an IDE/SATA to USB adapter and connect it externally to another computer.

example SATA to USB external adapter

This example has these features

  • Connect your IDE or SATA hard drives externally via a USB port
  • Allows you to connect 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch IDE and SATA hard drives
  • Includes 3.5-inch to 2.5-inch adaptor, SATA power and data cables
  • Complete with Power Adaptor
  • Compliant with USB 2.0 transfer
  • 'Plug 'n' Play'

Check they have the right type of connectors, SATA connectors can be included but separate.


What do you mean by "it will not turn on"? Do you get to see the BIOS screen? If yes, then you could you use Parted Magic to boot up the laptop and get to your hard drive. You can boot Parted Magic either (a) by burning CD/DVD or (b) by creating bootable USB flash drive using UNetbootin.

EDIT: You said you have an access to another laptop, so either replace its hard drive, boot using lice CD/flash drive and get your data OR you could get one of these USB / eSATA enclosure.

  • No power will go to it at all, so live cd is out of the question. – h00j Apr 16 '12 at 9:30

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