I have a website (Joomla), where I wish to share MP3 files. Every week, we have a new MP3 recording. I would like to make the weekly upload as simple as possible. The typical hassle looks like this:

  1. Log in to Joomla as admin
  2. Upload the new MP3 file
  3. Edit the download page: adding the link referring to the new file.

This would work, but it is certainly not simple. I am thinking of having the entire solution automated, somehow like Dropbox does. Just copy the new MP3 to a dedicated folder, and let the system do all the upload and link creation hassle. Unfortunately, Dropbox does not allow website visitors to browse/list the content of its public folder.

Important: the MP3-s do not need to be copied to OUR Joomla site. Any public site is fine from Dropbox till Skydrive or anywhere else. But I wish to have some automated solution of having links appearing within our Joomla site.

  1. Use a Dropbox folder on your machine
  2. Make the folder public
  3. Write a script enumerating the public URLs of the files in that folder (REST API reference)
  4. Have the script results on your sites - people will click the links and would actually download from Dropbox

I believe you need to register to have access to the Dropbox API - but it's free.

Good luck!


If you want to specifically use Dropbox, then why not use one of the extensions for Joomla that connect to your Dropbox account.


Building off Traveling Tech Guy's solution, DropboxIndex is a Python script that generates an HTML file with links to the files in a Dropbox public folder.

What the workflow would then be:

  1. Put the MP3s in the Public folder
  2. Run the script to regenerate the HTML file

In Joomla, you would then link to the index.html file that it generates.

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