I have an object in vector in SVG, EPS and PDF formats. I need any of them to be imported to Adobe Photoshop as a custom vector shape. How can I do that?

Thanks a lot in advance

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    Open in Illustrator; copy vector; paste as paths in Photoshop.
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    Commented Apr 20, 2012 at 16:49

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When you import any vector file into Photoshop it will scale inside Photoshop but when you save it as a jpg, png, tiff, ... it will be rasterized.

But if you want it anyway in Photoshop, just copy the image in it (if that doesnt work try opening it with Illustrator and save it as a vector). Pick Shape layer and it will be an editable vector (Smart Object) inside your PSD, untill you save it as another extension.


For batch conversion of SVGs to CSH, you can use the IcoMoon app. First, import your SVG, then choose the Generate SVG & More button at the bottom of the app. Press the Preferences button and check the Photoshop Shapes (CSH) option.

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If you have Adobe Illustrator (or CorelDRAW or Macromedia Freehand), you can do this. I just found out the answer and I thought I'd share the link with you even if the question dates a bit ^^' Here is the tutorial: link Thanks a million for whoever wrote that tutorial!

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