I always try to use my computer without touching the mouse and keep both hands on the keyboard at all time. It really boosts my productivity because I do not need to move my hand over to the mouse for common tasks. However, I've come accross a case where I cannot manage to do it with the keyboard only.

When navigating through Windows Explorer, say I have the focus on a file, but I want to open up the context menu as if no file is selected, like when you want to create a new folder or any other action not related to the file per se. What I currently do is move my hand to the mouse, and right-click to make that menu pop.

How would I achieve this without using the mouse?


Press Ctrl+space as the icon is selected

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    To create the new folder after removing focus from the file you selected, use ctrl+shift+N
    – prrao
    Apr 23 '12 at 14:12
  • No need to deselect the item before ctrl+shift+N
    – phuclv
    Jun 13 '14 at 14:27

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