I am teaching Python to the people I work with, and we are all mac users. I would like to be able to create files like hello.py or data.csv.

However, I do not see an option in TextEdit to save as a "plain text no-frills no-formatting non-rtf" file. When I select RTF but try to save with a .py or .csv extension, TextEdit will no do so.

Is there another text editor that comes with osx that I can use? Or, is there a way to coerce TextEdit to behave like Windows Notepad (when it comes to file extensions, etc?)

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TextEdit has separate plain text and rich text modes. You'll have to select Format > Make Plain Text or set the default format to plain text first.

  • wow. I totally missed this. Thank you so much!
    – rascher
    Apr 24, 2012 at 17:55

You can use the toggle command Shift + Command + T. This will turn rich text to plain text. Or plain text to rich text depending on which mode you are using currently. Another user has given the answer, I wanted to add the shortcut keys.

enter image description here

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