I only want one of the following values:

  • 11.10
  • oneiric

I've tried checking out lsb_release -r and uname -a, but the output is still verbose without using grep. This is the closest I've gotten to:

  • distribution name:
    grep -oP 'CODENAME=(.+)' -m 1 /etc/lsb-release | awk -F= '{ print $NF }'
  • version number:
    grep -oP '\d+\.\d+' -m 1 /etc/lsb-release

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The easiest way is is to use -s or --short:

lsb_release -si 
#  Ubuntu

lsb_release -sr
#  11.04

lsb_release -sir
#  Ubuntu
#  11.04

For release:

$ lsb_release --release
Release:    11.04

For codename:

$ lsb_release --codename
Codename:   natty

To get just 11.04 or natty you can use cut. For example:

$ lsb_release --release | cut -f2

For everything:

$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 11.04
Release:    11.04
Codename:   natty

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