I can't find the right way to create horizontal edges between nodes.

I would like in one line nodes for example a, b, c. But each node have many other ways to other nodes and this nodes aren't in same height.

I generate graph with "rankdir=LR;"

Can you help me please?

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See "drawing with constrained ranks" in the user guide for "dot".

In graphs with time-lines, or in drawings that emphasize source and sink nodes, you may need to constrain rank assignments. The rank of a subgraph may be set to same, min, source, max or sink. A value same causes all the nodes in the subgraph to occur on the same rank.


{ rank = same; 1980; "build"; "emacs"; "vi"; }
{ rank = same; 1982; "RCS"; "<curses>"; "IMX"; "SYNED"; }

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