I'm having problems getting HFS formatted drives to hotswap on my Windows 7 Machine

  • I have 2x Manhattan SATA drive racks installed in my computer connected to the GSATA ports on my Gigabyte EX58-UD3R.
  • I work with Windows and Mac machines so the majority of my drives are formatted HFS and I run MacDrive on my windows machine.
  • I've recently reinstalled Windows with AHCI enabled so I can hot-swap drives using the Manhattan racks.
  • The drives are all WD Caviar Greens
  • Running Windows 7 x64

With the computer logged in I can connect a NTFS drive (using the racks) and they are detected and mounted within 5 seconds. But when I connect a HFS formatted drive they dont register at all... Even when I rescan for hardware changes the drive still doesnt show up.

Further more, if I have booted with the HFS drive connected it does show up in windows, but if I then connect a NTFS drive in the second bay the HFS drive after 10-20 seconds disappears.

I can also connect the HFS drive fine using a USB dock, but this is not ideal.

Any thoughts much appreciated :)


I connected the drives to the regular SATA ports on my motherboard and so far its working much better.

Though sometimes if I have a drive connected, and then I connect another drive the first drive dissapears and I need to scan for hardware changes to bring it back. Better than nothing though!

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