Is it possible to use an Application or bash script as the screensaver?

I would to like to run a bash script pmatrix or App (iTerm) as the screensaver?

I'm on 10.6.8.


If I understand you correctly, that program should do what you want – at least start a normal application:


This is a simple screen saver for Mac OS X version 1.3+ that launches a regular Mac application, or a Unix executable, of your choice when the screen saver starts.

  • Excellent little App.. use it with in combination with "Purge" to "reclaim" some memory in Lion (it tends to eat a lot and I go really low in memory some times) when my computer goes to screen-saver (and I am not actively using it - this is nice because it always takes 10/15 seconds to execute purge). – emgsilva Oct 10 '13 at 12:21

Alternatively to slhck's answer, you can use ScriptSaver, since, if you have Require password after sleep or screen saver begins enabled after IIRC OS X 10.7 you'll otherwise not see through and get a black screen (I'm on 10.8.5). Here's an example of using it to launch iTerm with top.

ScriptSaver Settings

Activation Script

tell application "iTerm" to create window with profile "Hotkey Window" command "top"

Screen Saver

LookThrough. Alternatively, JohnnyNash, Transparent.

Deactivation Script

tell application "iTerm"
close front window
end tell

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