On Windows I loved the "Play To" function included in Windows Media Player to push content to my Samsung TV. But now that I am on Linux I don't know how to do the same thing. I found how to setup a DLNA server and retrieve it's content from the TV but this is not what I'm really looking for..

Any solutions?


Yes it's possible, check out servioo and this superuser question.

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    Not a real answer... Expand the links in case they go dead (at least summarize). – studiohack May 6 '12 at 4:27
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Kinsky by Linn can do this across all platforms. It is in effect a uPnP control point.

For Android there is BubbleUPnP. This is capable of serving all DLNA/UPnP purposes outlined below, and is an excellent tool for carrying out tests.

On linux there is the gupnp-av-cp app that is part of gupnp-tools. I have read that it's also possible to to use pulseaudio (with rygel?) to push all system sound to a UPnP/DLNA device and am in the process investigating/implementing this. Will update when I know more.

On OSX 10.8, iTunes is capable of sending to both AirPlay and UPnP/DLNA devices.

To put this in perspective, DLNA, also referred to as uPnP, has three important devices:

  1. Media servers
  2. Media renderer
  3. Media control point
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Check out the pulseaudio-dlna package.

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DLNA renderer: Pure Jonga A240

For audio only,the pulseaudio-dlna package does the job on Ubuntu 19.04 despite some errors during install. There is a 12 second lag (on my setup) and some stuttering during volume adjustment. But simply amazing functionality and simplicity. It's the only I've way I've found to push internet audio to a dlna renderer via linux. There are a huge number of options for Android and an almost complete dearth of them for linux.

For pushing local video/audio content, it's a lot easier: install the Emby server (google for instructions), then hook up to the web-based interface of the server via a browser (on the linux PC itself or a browser on another device). The web interface gives you a media player complete with a "Play To.." option where your dlna renderer is visible.

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Yes, i have installed Emby Server on Ubuntu 18.04 for streaming local music content to DLNA Compilant TV and it works like a Charm. All of my content is stored on Synology drive which is mounted on my linux server and i can stream my entire playlist to my TV connected to yamaha music amplifier. Superb job by Emby team.

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