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Recently switching from Windows 2003 Server to 2008 my MS-Works 7 version does not install at all. I'm running now in a VM with XP but prefer to have it installed.

  • Some info regarding the actual errors encountered would be useful... – harrymc Sep 16 '09 at 13:45
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    I'm sorry, but I need to ask why. Why would you ever want to run Works 7 on a server? Or why use Works at all? – MDMarra Sep 16 '09 at 14:05
  • He may have documents he needs to open, and doesn't have a compatible file reader. It's possible. – user3463 Sep 16 '09 at 15:24
  • Yes users was working a long time with PC manufacture included software (Dell delivered PC's with MS-Works). – PeterMmm Sep 17 '09 at 7:00
  • If you have a server OS, I'm assuming you have office as well. You can open those documents in Office and Save As them to .doc or .docx and it will convert them. – MDMarra Sep 17 '09 at 14:24

Did you try installing Works 7 using Server '08's compatibility mode?

Try running the MS-Work 7's setup file using XP compatibility - it should get through.

alt text

  • yes i have tried this, no luck – PeterMmm Sep 17 '09 at 7:00

You won't be able to install it in Windows 2008. Your VM solution is the best bet scenario.

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    Why won't it install? – harrymc Sep 17 '09 at 15:03

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