I have Kubuntu 12.04.

And I had installed gnome with sudo apt-get install gnome.

How can I complete remove this?

Looks like just put a sudo apt-get purge gnome will not solve the case. Because will remove just all gnome* packages and subprograms like brasero or seahorse would be still alive.

How can I complete remove gnome and all of its subprograms?



$ sudo apt-get remove gnome


$ sudo apt-get remove gnome*

you can always use the manual for more information

$ man apt-get

  • sudo sudo works, very strange. I think remove ends this question. – GarouDan May 9 '12 at 14:10

This question was answered here: How to remove the Ubuntu Gnome desktop after making the switch to KDE?

Maybe it should be moved to http://askubuntu.com


You can remove gnome packages by:

apt-get remove gnome-session gnome gnome-shell

Then apt-get can remove dependency that have been automatically installed and are not needed anymore with the autoremove command:

apt-get autoremove

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