I want to read the size of a folder from the command line. ls -lh shows all folders as being 4k, which presumably is the size of the footprint of the folder itself, rather than the contained files. I would like to read the size of all contained files within the folder. is this possible?


You can use the du command:

du -sh foldername
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du -s folder

-s stands for summarize.

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You can also use

du -csh foldername/*

which gives file and folder sizes under "foldername" separately and the total size in last row.

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  • The -c is helpful if you are selecting a subset of files in a folder. For example, if you're trying to see how big your web assets are, you could use du -csh folder/*.js to measure only the JS files, omitting CSS and HTML. – user9320 Apr 9 at 16:14

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