I tried to install SOX ( Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs ) on Ubuntu 11.10. At first, I tried with apt-get install sox, it installed successfully but it couldn't convert wav to mp3. Then I installed libsox-fmt-mp3, so it started to convert mp3 to wav but still fails to convert wav to mp3. How do I install the packages for ubuntu 11.10 for all supported formats ?

P.S. I browsed SO for this and a question related with SOX was suggested to be moved here so I am directly posting here.

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Simplest way in ubuntu would be to run these two commands

sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins libasound2-python libsox-fmt-all

sudo apt-get install sox

If you are in some other Linux, like CentOS or you need support for Vorbis and Ogg, you will have to compile from source, found by following this Guide

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