I absolutely love that Mac separates the command key from the control key, allowing OS shortcuts and text shortcuts to co-exist. It's incredibly useful, especially because it allows emacs shortcuts everywhere.

I've searched almost everywhere for some kind of utility that can allow this and can't find anything. Any help?

Note: I want to do more than just remap my keyboard. I want to actually split OS shortcuts and text shortcuts. The only way I can see doing that is to manually go through each shortcut in Gnome and Compiz and change it.


I haven't tried this myself but I found this over "Ask Ubuntu":

Install AutoKey:

apt-get install autokey-gtk

and set a phrase to:

Phrase Text: <ctrl>+C (actually type out the <ctrl>+ here)
Paste Using: Keyboard
Abbreviation: None
Hotkey: <super>+v
Window Filter: None

See here: How to make keyboard work like OSX System Wide?

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