I am having trouble reading a PDF on my Kindle because the OCR text is displayed in two columns per page. (IE The book was scanned two pages at a time, them OCR'd.) How can I format this into one column (or any style for that matter) so that I can read it on my Kindle?

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The latest version of k2pdfopt can either keep the OCR with native PDF output option (-mode 2col) or restore the OCR using its own OCR. Also, running the k2pdfopt output through Calibre, as some have suggested, is not necessary if you use the right settings in k2pdfopt.

Edit: v2.x of k2pdfopt, released 3-Sep-2013, will preserve previously OCR'd text by default even when not used in native PDF output mode (e.g. when re-flowing text).

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    Also note that it is possible to run k2pdfopt directly on your kindle using kindlepdfviewer or its forks. Further information and links are given here.
    – Tim
    Sep 25, 2013 at 13:20

Found this guide. Basically using k2pdfopt to convert the two columns into just one. And then running that through Calibre for a cleaner version.

This is a partial solution as it removes the OCR benefits. The resulting file is only images and thus very large.

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