I am trying to move folders from D: to C: but am getting 'Access Denied'. I have ownership and full control over every folder in question and am running as local admin in administrator mode. What's odd is it only fails when I try to move between drives.

I can create and delete files/folders in either drive

C:\>move sub c-Move
        1 dir(s) moved

C:\>md d:\test
C:\>md d:\test-1
C:\>move d:\test-1 d:\test
       1 dir(s) moved
C:\>rd /q /s d:\test

I can copy between drives

C:\>copy d:\test\test.txt c:\move
        1 file(s) copied

But I cannot move between them

C:\>move d:\test c:\c-Move
Access is denied.

Why can't I move these files?

Note (similar question): Access denied, cmd move windows 7, except "want to move a directory if the destination exists".

  • I faintly remember something about a move operation being different from a copy and delete operation under certain circumstances. I just remember it from the UNIX domain. Like here: insanelabs.com/linux/… May 13, 2012 at 15:42

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Move-Item will move files between drives that are supported by the same provider, but it will move directories only within the same drive.

Microsofts documentation is pretty clear, I bet this is because it only alters the filesystem index and not the real location of the directory.

  • I hate it when the answer is that simple. Not sure why I couldn't find that on my own, but thank you.
    – Gary
    May 13, 2012 at 19:01

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