I'm in the process of downloading ubuntu netbook remix onto an external drive.

After it's downloaded do I need to do anything to the .img file before I set the computer to boot from that drive?

Will the computer automatically know what to do with the .img file when it boots up?

(The computer is currently Windows XP but I plan to completely reformat the disk and have Ubuntu be the only OS.)


AFAIK, no. You should create a bootable usb drive.

There's a great project for this. Is called unetbootin. With a simple graphical interface, you select your img and the program itself creates this bootable usb drive.

It works. I tested in my hp latop running Windows Vista. I use it as a "live cd" alternative.


You can simply load that img file into a virtual drive and run it, Ubuntu can setup from windows. Im not sure for the remix version, give it a try.

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