How can I use a bash shell in emacs (M-x shell) when I am trying to connect restart a GNU screen session (on a remote ssh connection)? When I try it, I get:

avilella@remote-machine-002~$ bash
avilella@remote-machine-002 ~ > screen -RD
Clear screen capability required.

If I try it on a bog-standard terminal, I can restart the same screen session without a problem.


I'd say 'good luck'. From what I remember, and what I just tried, emacs does not handle full terminal support under the shell command. For example, in an emacs shell, I try:

$ less /etc/hosts
WARNING: terminal is not fully functional
/etc/hosts (press RETURN)

Then less begins to act like it is a dumb terminal (TERM=dumb less /etc/hosts from a regular terminal).

I'm sure that you can set terminal settings inside emacs using elisp, but that doesn't mean that the shell applet will honor them.

  • An Emacs shell buffer does not use a pseudo-terminal, so I agree with @Arcege here. You may have some luck using the terminal-emulator command, which does allocate a pty. – Fran May 30 '12 at 17:13

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