I am using the Backtrack 5 linux distribution, and i wanted to install chrome, but it wont run as root for default.

I know that using --user-data-dir will let me run it as root.

But is there a safer way to use chrome on this linux distribution without having to run it as root?


default user in Backtrack is root, but you can try adduser

# type adduser

adduser is /usr/sbin/adduser

then add an unprivileged user, give him groups rights

# adduser <name>
# passwd <name>

enter the password 2 times, and logout/reboot.

login as the unprivileged user should work.


Backtrack forum has this already as:

HowTo Create an Unprivileged (non root) User in BackTrack


1) create normal user

$ sudo useradd knoim
$ sudo passwd knoim

2) login as normal user

$ su knoim
<knoims password>

3) run firefox $ $ firefox or spawn a process $ firefox &

PS: this solution should work for most linux distro including backtrack. if you have already root privileges ( you have already said it but i meant to write general solution) you do not need to use sudo

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