I was stupid and didn't save 2 textmate documents I was working on. Then my computer froze and I had to restart it. Is there any way to get them back? Is there an autosave file somewhere?


In TextMate 2.0 you can find recently opened/edited files in ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Session/.

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    This works. I was even able to find an open file that I forgot to save before I left my desk and pull it down via ssh. – krs013 Apr 6 '15 at 16:24
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    This also saved me! The answer on this thread is incorrect. – uniquelau Jul 21 '15 at 12:00
  • it appears this no longer works with TextMate 3. – 0xF2 May 8 '17 at 4:29
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    you are a gentleman and a scholar, this helped me recover hours of unsaved work. Thanks a lot! – Cat Mar 14 '18 at 9:09

No. TextMate doesn't make backups when you edit a file. Saving often is a good habit.

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    Shelby's answer is actually right, at least in TextMate 2.0 you can recover unsaved files – Cat Mar 14 '18 at 9:11

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