I'm running an up-to-tade Xubuntu and have a real problem with these Terminals. I don't want them to be all that design-ish. Just the plain old Terminal with a black background and green text. And in VIM I want to use my own color scheme. But the xfce-4-terminal doesn't seem to let me do that. It always uses it's own color schemes and they just don't work for all cases (you have like 6 different types of text elements to color, for coding you need more).

How can I disable the coloring in the terminal or just load a simple one without all these features?

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The distro overriding the colors of the terminal and vim are a horrible idea. To disable this "feature" edit the file: /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/Terminal/terminalrc place the '#' character in front of any line you wish to disable (I did all but the first two).

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    emptying the ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc did the job for me. Thanks
    – erikbstack
    May 24, 2012 at 8:35

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