I would like to add a checkbox at the end of each row and then evaluate if the checkbox is checked or not in another cell. Is there an easy way to do this without a macro?
If this is possible only with using a macro, what alternatives do I have, or did somebody already do this and can give me his/her macro?


Yes, you can do this. I will demonstrate using Excel 2007.

Using fonts:
I went to Wingdings and added a Checkmark in A1 (character code is 0252). In regular text, this is ü. Then in cell B1 I put this formula:

=if(A1="ü", 1, 0)

If A1 has a check in it, then B1 will have a 1. If A1 does not have a check, then B1 will have a 0.

Using form controls:

  • Show the developer tab in the Ribbon.
  • Insert --> Form Controls: CheckBox
  • Draw the checkbox where you want it.
  • Select the checkbox, click Properties in the Menu
  • For Cell link, enter the address of the cell you want to link this checkbox to.

Now when you check the box, the cell will read TRUE. If it's unchecked, it will read FALSE. Also, if you enter anything other than a zero in the cell, the box will be checked.

  • +1 This is the way I do it. Wingdings are your friends! – Hondalex Sep 17 '09 at 14:34
  • Using the same method, you could use the letter X as a checkmark. Your if statement would read =if(A1="x","There's an X in A1", "No X in A1") - This works whether the x is capitalized or not. – Jared Harley Sep 17 '09 at 15:12

As an alternative answer, I use this way:

Using Conditional Formatting (Simple way)

  1. Select the column you want to show a check mark.
  2. Use Conditional Formatting / Icon Sets / Indicators / ... rule.
  3. Add number 1 in one of cells.

At step 2 you can use New Rule ...:

  1. Set Format Style to Icon Set.
  2. Select your favorite Icon Style from drop-down list.
  3. Flag Show Icon Only option.

    This flag will hide values -0 or 1-.

  4. For first icon -that is check mark-:
    1. Set operator of to >.
    2. Set Value to 0.
    3. Set Type to Number.
  5. For second icon -that is yellow exclamation-:
    1. Select Red Cross for Icon from drop-down list.
    2. Set operator to >=.
    3. Set Value to 0.
    4. Set Type to Number.

By using this new rule only 0 will be a Cross Red Icon and values greater than 0 will be Green Check Icon.

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