I know, that programmer's happiness is not about rich 3D-effects of windows manager. But all tiling WMs that I've find looks like really old-school.

And my question: Is there any tiling WM not necessarily with rich 3D-effects but at least with qualitatively drawed panels and some animation?

I ask it of tiling WM, not plugin to use composing WM as tiling.


I've not tried either of these hacks myself, but here's what I found when I was asking myself just the same question:

1 - Franken-XMonad-Compiz

Someone called tuxmark5, who afterwards "promptly disappeared" mashed together XMonad and Compiz [YouTube], presumably using something magical and dirty in XMonad.Hooks.* in a way that looks just like what you describe. There are some potentially useful links in the video description and you could try PM-ing the uploader.

2 - Compiz plug-in

This guy wrote a tiling plugin for Compiz, but "you’ll need a boatload of dependencies to make it compile", he cautions. Comments to the blog post say things like "it does work great", "absolutely fantastically great" and "uber plugin", which sounds ridiculously promising! (Though not promising enough for me to grab a boatload of dependencies. Let me know if you try it!)

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