I have two 1333 DDR3 memory modules with different brands. I wonder if they can be used in a dual channel setup. How can I check that?


download CPU-z over here: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html , once you have got it downloaded open it up and go to the memory tab at the top. Once you are there you will see a box that says channels: [AMOUNT OF CHANNELS] . That's it.

I hope I helped :)


This information is usually available on boot or inside the bios.

AMI Bios AMI Bios Award Bios


You can also check if the Dual channel mode is active by using AIDA64 Extreme Edition, by going in Motherboard/Chipset on left menu and accessing the Memory Controller information. If the Active Mode is Dual Channel (128 bits), then your memory is operating on dual channel mode

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