Just wondering if anyone knows how to convert a Pages file to a PDF or HTML file while preserving the hyperlinks within the document.

I can export it to .PDF (using OS X Lion 10.7.3) but and the links are blue and underlined but they aren't links anymore.

  • I tried to recreate the problem and could not. When I export to PDF from Pages, my hotlinks still work. Have you got the latest updates? – user3463 May 20 '12 at 2:51
  • I second that. I'm running 10.7.3 and Pages version 4.1 (923), and hyperlinks work perfectly. – evan.bovie May 20 '12 at 3:31

I thought Pages was something that came with the OS but I realised that the .pages files were actually opening in Preview. So I purchased Pages from the app store and voila I can export them.

I needed to create HTML files from them, I found an article that suggested exporting them to .rtf and then from the terminal running

textutil -convert html myfile.rtf

It worked like a charm!


With Pages 5, you can export to .epub, change them to .zip, and then unzip it to get find an .xhtml file inside.

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