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Turn off display in Windows 7 without additional software

I have windows 7 installed with two monitors connected to it.

I want to create a shortcut that will put both of my monitors to sleep. not to put the entire computer to sleep, just the monitors. is that possible ?!




For standbying the 2 monitors i am now using the progam "LCDoff" , I was using "monitoroff", both are very tiny utilities.
I made a shortcut to it, and it works. One time a video playback program was running that disables monitor standby, other than that, it is working. Moving the mouse, or using the keyboard wakes it back up, so I assume it is triggering windows own standby routine.


Engaging the screen saver doesn't turn off the monitor. Also, using the Windows + L doesn't either, it only locks it.

So, you could try a utility at NirSoft called NirCmd which will do what you need, as well as many other things. You will just need to set up a short cut to the command needed and you are set.

If you need step by step instructions, go here for that.

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