I use Unetbootin on WinXP and I have a Windows 7 iso that I want to make a USB bootable with. Everything works fine. I can boot the USB, but then I come to bootloader screen and I only see one option "Default". As I have read around, it seems I need to change syslinux.cfg, but I don't know how it works.

How should I configure the syslinux.cfg to boot a windows 7 pro installer?


A handy program called EasyBCD can allow you to edit boot menus

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  • You can tell the user how to use this tool because I think sometime user can't handle this type of software. – avirk May 25 '12 at 2:57

I think that the problem is with the way you formatted your USB. It should be formated with NTFS and not FAT-32

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An Alternative would be

  • Run command prompt as Administrator
  • type diskpart
    • type "list disk" (without quotes) to list disks
    • if your usb drive is Disk 1 (say) type select disk 1
    • type clean
    • type create partition primary
    • type select partition 1
    • type format fs=ntfs quick
    • type active
    • type assign
    • type exit
  • exit command prompt
  • mount your iso using Daemon Tools (or any other mounting tool)
  • copy all the files in the iso to the usb drive
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