Here is what I want to connect via KVM to have one monitor and keyboard/mouse:

  • 1st Work laptop (HP EliteBook 8560P) with a DisplayPort and VGA video output - I bought a passive DisplayPort to HDMI converter
  • 2nd Work laptop (Dell) with an HDMI and VGA video output Personal laptop
  • Personal laptop (Sony vpvf2390x) with an HDMI and VGA video output
  • Personal desktop (nvidia card) with an HDMI and DVI and VGA video output

I want to connect these to an HP 23" LED monitor (HP2311x) that takes DVI, VGA, and HDMI video input and use my Logitech mouse/keyboard via their unified receiver.

I made an attempt at this using a SIIG 4x1 USB HDMI KVM Switch CE-KV0111-S1. This works great for everything except the HP laptop with the DisplayPort. With the DP to HDMI converter I can get the video to work going straight to the external monitor but not when it is routed through the KVM switch.

Are there any products that handle HDMI & DP input with HDMI or DVI output? Do I need a different DP to HDMI converter? Or should I convert everything to DVI for input? Or should I convert the HDMI's to DP and use a DP KVM switch?


I talked to a tech at KanexPro.com and found out that there isn't such a product on the market. They have something similar Kanexpro DP KVM which would work if I had only DP inputs.

There isn't a way to convert HDMI to DP or DP to HDMI and run through a KVM Switch due to how HDMI works.

The tech's recommendation was to convert both to DVI which might work or get a USB switch and use the different inputs on the back of the monitor for my different computers (which would leave me switching the monitor and the USB switch).

Lastly he asked if I had VGA outputs on my computers which led to this idea: use the VGA outputs (left those off the question originally) if they support the native resolution of my monitor (1920x1080) and find a KVM which supports that resolution using VGA input and HDMI/DVI/VGA output.

Hope this helps someone else in the future.

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Since all of your computer/notebooks do have VGA outputs, I suggest use a VGA+USB KVM switch will be the best and cheaper solution for your case (you don't need to buy and converter and adapter).

Most of good VGA KVM switches now support very high video solution. The keys will be the quality of the VGA cables and the KVM switch should support "FULL-time EDID/DDC" feeding - which will keep your notebook computer video extension setup unchanged when you switch the video to other connected systems.

If you prefer to using the Digital input of your monitor, then I suggest ConnectPRO (not Kanexpro) DVI KVM switch. In your case, it will be UD-14+ KVM switch. It support both Full-time EDID/DDC of all channels and the USB DDM for no latency switching. You can use HDMI-DVI cable or Displayport-DVI cable connect to the KVM switch. It had been proofed working with your configuration.


Finally, we had tested same configuration of the original question posted.
The KVM switch industry slowly responded to any things related to DisplayPorts. The major reasons of that are lack of devices makers (not enough) committed to keep updating their DisplayPort devices and lack of stable ICs to be selected from.

So the work around solution we tested may not be the most elegant one, but it works.

Customers have multi systems which have dual video outputs of mixing DisplayPorts, HDMI/DVI and VGA. How to find a KVM switch solution for this ?

The best answer we found and tested/proofed it working is have dual-head / dual-monitor DVI + VGA KVM switch and connecting the DisplayPort video output of connected systems to an active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter which connected with a HDMI-DVI cable to the DVI port of KVM switch. And since the HDMI and DVI both share the same video format (TMDS), so there will be no issue to just use HDMI-DVI non-active cable to connect systems with HDMI video out put to the dual-head KVM switch.

The dual-head / dual monitor KVM switches we tested are ConnectPRO UDV-12A+ for the two-system and UDV-14A+ for the 4-system setup.

You may ask all the DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI-D are digital video formats. Why I can not use non-active adapter/cable between DisplayPort video and HDMI/DVI video ? The answers are yes and no. Yes, only HDMI and DVI video are sharing the same TMDS format, but not for DisplayPort and HDMI or for DisplayPort and DVI.

Again, the two models we tested, the DVI video output of the KVM switch is DVI-D dual-link, you can only connect it to DVI-D dual-link monitor to take advantage of 2560x1600 resolution. If you want to connect the DVI-dual link video out to a DisplayPort Monitor, then you need add an active HDMI/DVI-to-DisplayPort converter between the DVI KVM switch and the DisplayPort monitor.

It is not elegant but working. :-)

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