I've been following these directions to set up a project in IntelliJ with groovy support, but I get blocked at step 3 because the location of my groovy distribution is not specified, and IJ refuses to accept the copy of groovy that I pulled from macports into the /opt/local/bin folder. (The OK button in the navigation window is grayed out when I try to point at /opt/local/bin, and there's no message indicating what it would consider acceptable.) Does anyone know what location I should be pointing at, if not that?


You need to specify the groovy home directory itself, not the directory where the symlink to the executable script is located. With MacPorts it would be:



For me, running on Mac with HomeBrew, it was

  • This was driving me insane! Thank you! – Jake Feasel Mar 1 '17 at 2:59

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