After installing the "Windows Media Player plug-in for Firefox" (either automatically or by downloading wmpfirefoxplugin.exe manually) and running it, the WMP plugin still does not appear in about:plugins and doesn't function.

How can it be fixed?

  • The platform is Windows 7 x64 but it might apply to x86 as well.
  • This might only occur on systems without any Firefox installation.

Follow the instructions:

  1. Make sure the plugin (np-mswmp.dll) was installed into C:\PFiles\Plugins. (If not, find where it was installed.)
  2. Create the following registry key on 64-bit Windows:


    or on 32-bit Windows:


  3. Under this registry entry, create a String value named "Path" with the value C:\PFiles\Plugins\np-mswmp.dll (or wherever the np-mswmp.dll was installed).

  4. In Chrome, go to about:plugins and press Reload. You should be able to find "Microsoft® Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin" in the list.

  • awesome - been bugged by this a long time, this works – batCattle Jan 23 '13 at 4:41

As the follow-up to the question that I found when facing a similar problem. I found another way to fix this: just install the Interoperability plugin and everything starts working.

  • Ah, there's an official solution now. Great! – Ilya Oct 2 '12 at 13:16

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