I write this config file:

# ~/.inputrc
Control-d: "\C-udate +'%F %T'\C-m"

I want to run date command when I type Ctrl-d.
But I cannot override the default behavior(exit).
Thanks for your help.


If you do stty -a, you'll notice that Ctrl-D is bound to eof (end of file) for the terminal driver. You would have to unbind it using stty before the Bash binding would have any affect. I wouldn't recommend that you do that. It would be better to choose another keystroke. I use Alt-Shift-D for a similar purpose.

"\eD":"date +%A,\ %B\ %-d,\ %Y,\ %-l:%M:%S\ %p,\ %Z\ \(UTC%z\)"

I think that the line discipline trumps readline. Try executing

stty eof undef

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