I have a Dell Inspiron with an i3 processor and I need to install Windows XP. When I try to install it, I get this blue screen:

Why is that? What can I do to install Windows?


in the bios, if I try change to ATA, I get other BSOD with a process1_initialization_failed message.


This has no relation to your processor. It means that you have no SATA drivers. You need a working floppy dive to install XP on a new motherboard.


The error's got nothing to do with your processor. WIndows XP supports your i3 fine, your hard drive cannot be seen because it's a SATA drive running in AHCI mode with no drivers for Windows to detect it.

Either load the AHCI drivers or change the SATA mode to IDE mode from AHCI which will reduce the performance.

  • in the bios, I try change to ATA, but now I get other blue screen with PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED – juanpablo May 31 '12 at 18:21

I think you just got problem with your Installer Disc, Your installer mayber the old version of windows xp which didnt support SATA Controller and just compatible with IDE driver, try to change the installer disc with new one which compatible with SATA disk, ia think your HDD is SATA, not IDE.

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