I am using Firefox 12 with Windows 7.

Here it is recommended that I can use the userChrome.css file to make custom styles.

However neither the file nor the chrome parent folder seem to exist on my system.

For clarity, what would be a full example path to this file? Something like


Yes. That path is correct. If the chrome folder or userChrome.css do not exist, you can simply create them yourself. For any changes to be applied, you must first restart Firefox. For this reason, I recommend the Stylish add-on, as it is more flexible.

For Windows 7, the default path is:


Note: I have chosen to use the AppData environment variable, as the full path can vary based on your system's configuration. If you installed Windows 7 on the C: drive and your home folder is C:\Users\<user>, then %AppData% expands to:


My confusion was between the AppData\Roaming and AppData\Local.

AppData\Roaming is the Firefox User Profile Directory

AppData\Local is the Firefox Temporary Directory

So the full path is



In Firefox you can also click Help, Troubleshooting Information, Show Folder

  • This is good to know. This is why I used the AppData variable in the path. LocalAppData is the latter. – iglvzx Jun 1 '12 at 4:45

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