I wanted to increase the performance on my development laptop so I added an Intel 320 Series SSD as my primary drive. Everything is amazingly fast, as expected, except Apache/PHP.

I develop Magento by using an Ubuntu 10.10 virtual machine.

Host OS:  Win 7 Professional 64bit
Guest OS: Ubuntu 10.10 32bit
Processor: i7 
Chipset QM55 
SSD: Intel 320 Series 160gb 30% full
HDD: Hitachi 320gb 50% full (in side bay using an adapter)
Laptop: Lenovo T510
Using: Shared folders
Apache Version: 2.2.16
PHP Version: 5.3.3-1
APC Version: 3.1.3p1
APC Memory: 128M
Using tmpfs for cache, log, session directories in Magento
VMWare Version: 4.0.3 build-703057

In the VM running on the SSD (VM files and source files are on the same drive) loading a product page in the Admin takes on average 26.2 seconds and uses 100% CPU for nearly the entire time.

In the VM running on the old HDD loading the same page takes on average 4.4 seconds. It mostly uses around 40-50% of the CPU while rendering the page.

I have read this post: Performance issues when using SSD for a developer notebook (WAMP/LAMP stack)?

It says to change some settings in the bios. I have turned any and all power management features off in the bios. I can't for the life of me understand why this would be happening.


Strange as it seems, pointing the VM on the old drive at the source on the new drive gives the same ~4.4 second performance. It seems the issue is the VM in some way. That, or the VM on the old drive is magic. Also, pointing a VM on the SSD to the source on the old drive gives terrible (25+ second) performance.

Going to download the latest version of Ubuntu, build a new VM with that and see what I get.

I have also tried Virtualbox with the same version of Ubuntu with no success.

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Not sure why any of this insanity was happening, but it seems creating a new VM with Ubuntu 12.04 solved my issues. If you can call that solving it. The performance is what I expected with the VM and source on the SSD.

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