I performed a search <a href="(.*).website.com/"> I want to either copy every instance of it or delete everything else and then put them on separate lines.


Try these steps:-

  1. Use this short-cut key CTRL+F to open find window
  2. Click on Mark tab,
  3. Place your regular expression and
  4. Select Regular Expression radio button
  5. Click Mark All button (Refer the screenshot) Step1
  6. You see number of occurence popup, close the window.
  7. Click on Search Menu --> Bookmark --> You will list of facilities which you can avail it (Example: Cut, Copy and Remove Bookmarked lines options). (Refer to the screenshot) Step2
  • What i did was copy bookmarked lines, delete everything, paste the bookmarked lines and then used find and replace to remove everything else. thnx
    – John
    Jun 3 '12 at 19:06

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