I want to search the content of text files using Windows 7. I am unable to find stuff like xyz in .txt files that contain text like asd**xyz**asd, not even with the file search option enabled.


You can use agent ransack which can see the contents inside the files and also search faster with the file name too. See the feature page.


Notepad++ has a feature for searching text in finds ('Find in files' tab under the regular ctrl+f search), and it's a pretty useful text editor in general.

  • Notepad++ is cool. I'm trying to decide if I like it better than Notepad2. – pcunite Jun 8 '12 at 22:06

You can use "find" command in command interpreter (cmd.exe). To gain more help, enter:

find /?


find "text to find" files_to_find_in_-_can_be_wildcard

The easiest for this task is to use a tool like grepWin - if you are looking only for text in text files, or SeekFast - if you want to search in any type of documents.

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